Stakeholder participation course announcement

Online Distance Learning Course: Stakeholder Participation for a Better Future

Are you interested in learning more about how to engage stakeholders and to conduct an effective stakeholder participation process? Do you want to learn how to play a more active role in processes that govern your future?

The popular Stakeholder Participation for a Better Future course is now available online in Portuguese. The next course will run from November 11, 2013 in Portuguese.

About the course:

The Stakeholder Participation for a Better Future course has been successfully run in a multitude of countries in Africa and beyond. In an effort to make the valuable content available to a wider audience, the course has now been translated and will be offered to Portuguese-speaking participants from Angola and elsewhere.

The course is designed for both those conducting stakeholder participation processes and for stakeholders themselves. It aims to build an awareness of the stakeholder participation process and its various dimensions.

Course modules include:

  • Introduction to stakeholder participation;
  • Conducting a stakeholder analysis;
  • Stakeholder engagement techniques;
  • Planning stakeholder participation; and
  • Representivity.

The course is now offered online via the DLIST web-based platform. It is comprised of 5 Modules and runs part-time over a period of approximately 6 weeks.

Each module includes an overview, key concepts and questions for discussion. This is followed by practical group exercises to build on the concepts learned and expose the complexities that arise when theory is taken to practice.

Any interested person can register to participate in the course, the only requirement is access to the internet. Participants are encouraged to register online to access the online core course material as well as the linked support resources in the form of discussion forums, case studies and scenarios. Online support will be provided to participants by the DLIST course facilitator.

For more information about registering for the Stakeholder Participation for a Better Future course, contact