Succulent Karoo Ecosystem Plan (SKEP)


The Succulent Karoo Ecosystem Programme (SKEP) is a long term, multi-stakeholder bioregional conservation and development programme. SKEP began as a bi-national initiative between Namibia and South Africa, with the aim of defining a way to conserve this ecosystem, and to develop conservation as a land-use rather than instead of land-use.

In response to the challenges facing the Succulent Karoo, SKEP emerged as an innovative programme. SKEP champions a model of conservation that integrates high-level scientific expertise with socio-economic and institutional concerns.

The acronym "SKEP" means "to serve" in Afrikaans, the most commonly spoken language in the region. At the end of the SKEP planning process, a 20-Year Strategy was drawn up with a comprehensive set of actions.These actions aim to achieve conservation targets by addressing constraints and maximising opportunities.


1. Increasing local, national and international awareness of the unique biodiversity of the Succulent Karoo.
2. Expanding protected areas and improving conservation management, particularly through the expansion of
public-private-communal-corporate partnerships.
3. Support the creation of a matrix of harmonius land uses.
4. Improve institutional co-ordination to generate momentum and focus on priorities, maximize opportunities
for partnerships, and ensure sustainability.

Other Activities:

Target area:

Namibia and South Africa

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Name: Shahieda Davids Tel: +2721 7998874
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The SKEP partnership is coordinated through the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI).
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