Quissama Foundation: Conservation in the Quissama National Park


The main objective of the Foundation is the protection, conservation, development and equilibrium of the Angolan fauna and flora, as well as their enrichment, study and research. The founders and the patron of this organisation, His Excellency José Eduardo dos Santos, president of the Republic of Angola, were moved and excited by these same objectives.

Relevant Activities:

We are a group of people that see their work as a way to help meet many basic needs, because we recognize that protecting biodiversity means protecting life.  The world of conservation has many different meanings for people; in our view that world is wide and is translated into the conservation actions that we engage in daily. At the same time, we acknowledge that we are nobody without you by our side.

Our group believes in a better tomorrow for everyone by protecting the biodiversity within the Quissama Nacional Park.

We try to give our best for you, hence we use:

Efficiency – while conducting our programmes and projects, efficiency in communication with the public, in mobilizing resources and in managing the fauna and flora.

A lot of imagination – imagination while programming our activities.

Versatility – while conducting our activities and projects, we want to plan your future and make it appropriate to your needs in the world of conservation.

Our main activities are:


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Management of Quissama Park

Support to and interaction with local communities


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Enforcement within the park

Maintenance of the Park’s wildlife

Target Area:

Civil society in general

Contact Details:

Rua Conêgo Manuel das Neves Nº 206 1 Esquerdo

Luanda, Angola

Tel: +244 222 432020,
Email: kissama.angola@netangola.com

Additional Information: 

Established as a Hunting Reserve in 1938, it was subsequently declared National Park in 1957 (Law n 2873, of 11/12/57; B.O. I Series – nº50). The Quissama National Park’s topography has gentle slopes, plateaus and cliffs by the coast and Kwanza River. Maximum altitude is 265m. The Park has numerous lagoons and wetlands, all along the Kwanza and Longa rivers. There is no other permanent river in the Park.

Located in the Bengo Province, the Quissama National Park has approximately 9.960 km2, along a stretch on the Angolan coast, with the following borders: the Kwanza River to the north, Rio Longa to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and Cabala-Muxima-Demba-Capolo to the east.

BIODIVERSITY – in the 70ies, the Quissama Park became famous for the large animal populations it hosted; for example, the elephant population could be estimated at 5.000 animals.

Kiosk Manager

Abias Huongo