Kunene Regional Council


The Kunene Regional Council aims to promote integrated planning and
development at the Regional level, including addressing poverty
alleviation and job creation, social issues such as HIV/AIDS and
sustainable resource management.

The Kunene Integrated Coastal Zone Management Committee

is a subcommittee of the Kunene Regional Development Coordinating
Committee (RDCC), to foster ICZM of the Kunene coastal areas on a
sustainable economic basis, in collaboration with the local community

Relevant Activities: 

Public awareness/advocacy, Research and education, Local capacity
building, Policy development, Poverty reduction, Technical assistance,
Integrated development planning

Target Area:

Republic of Namibia

Contact Details:

Private Bag 502 - O'PUWO Mbumbijazo Muharukua Avenue - -

O'Puwo, Kunene Region, Republic of Namibia -

Tel: 09264 65 273446/9

Fax: 09264 65 273077