Ecological Youth of Angola (Juventude Ecologica Angolana, JEA)


JEA is a Non Governmental Organisation, with a voluntary nature, that is dedicated to the preservation of the environment and the improvement of the population's life quality. In order to fulfill its role, JEA prepares annually an action programme with a view to achieving results according to the organisation's objectives.


  • environmental education and sensitisation of the population;
  • true information about everything that happens in the environment in Angola and in the World;
  • cooperation with the lead ministry and other ministries in all guidance that aims to improve the Environment and the population's Life Quality;
  • cooperation with other civil society organisations at the National and International level, on various programmes and projects.

Relevant Activities: 

Environmental education and training

Environmental sensitisation through practical actions such as beach clean up operations and tree planting

Information dissemination through radio programmes and publication of informative material

Cultural events and competitions

Advocacy and technical support

Target Area:

JEA has delegations in the provinces of Malange, Huíla, Namibe, Cabinda, Benguela, Kwanza Sul, Cunene, and Lunda Norte.

Contact Details:

Av. Revolução de Outubro 2 Nº 3/2º andar aprtamento 21

Luanda, Angola

Tel: +244 222-355715

Fax: +244 222-338919



Additional Information: 

Kiosk Manager

Abias Huongo