EcoAfrica Angolan office


The EcoAfrica Angolan office strives to positively contribute to the
protection of Angola's rich natural and human resources and the
empowerment of communities. The EcoAfrica Angolan office works hand in
hand with local partners, including the government, non-governmental
organisations (NGOs), the private sector and communities, to achieve
sustainable natural resource management by sharing knowledge, building
capacities and facilitating equitable and self-sustainable development.
Interacting with the other EcoAfrica offices through their
multidisciplinary teams of highly skilled professionals, the EcoAfrica
Angolan office draws on a vast experience and growing network in
Southern Africa to promote and facilitate activities and processes in
Angola in areas such as: policy planning and development, protected
area management, community-based tourism, coastal area management,
sustainable livelihoods, capacity building and information sharing.

Relevant Activities: 

Training, Local capacity building, Policy development, Poverty reduction, Integrated development planning

Target Area:

People's Republic of Angola

Contact Details:



Kiosk Manager

Raquel Garcia