Let's talk! Discussion is central to finding lasting solutions for the sustainable development of our region. Whether at the grassroots or ministerial level it is through discussion that we identify issues, problems and solutions. Discussion is what drives planning, and the DLIST community, which includes people at all tiers of society, can contribute a great deal to the implementation of a comprehensive Strategic Action Plan for the BCLME region. It is through discussion along the vertical axis that has community at one end and government at the other, that we can ensure that the agendas of all parties receive attention when priorities are set and plans are agreed upon. The aim is to develop mechanisms that will make 'top down, bottom up' interaction a common feature of planning for the future. DLIST makes it possible for a wide range of people in the entire BCLME region to reach out to one another and to people in other parts of the world.

You can either take part in the open discussion forum under 'General discussion' or you can have discussions about a specific topic within a dedicated group. Share your ideas and experiences and contribute to the building of a future for our region and the people in it.

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EcoAfrica DLIST BCLME is a group of DLIST administrators. The administrators will discuss issues and activities associated with DLIST BCLME.

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Stakeholder Participation Portuguese

Um grupo para os participantes do curso Participação dos Grupos de Interesse, para um Futuro Melhor, em Português

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Environmental Engineering Course

A group for students on the Environmental Engineering course

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Stakeholder Participation - For a Better Future

A group for students of the Stakeholder Participation course

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Message Board

This group is no longer active. It is mainly archived here because much of the content is still relevant.

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General discussion

A general discussion group that all DLIST members belong to.

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