The Global Ocean Commission releases its report

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After an 18 month investigation into the decline of our planet's oceans, the Global Ocean Commission, including former Heads of State, Government ministers and prominent business leaders, has released its findings. They propose a rescue package of proposals to restore and protect the natural capital and services of the global ocean.

The proposals cover eight key issues:
1) UN Sustainable Development Goal for the Ocean;
2) Governing the High Seas;
3) No More Overfishing;
4) Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing;
5) Plastics - Keeping them out of the ocean;
6) Offshore Oil & Gas;
7) Global Ocean Accountability Board; and
8) Creating a High Seas Regeneration Zone.

The proposals have been developed from broad consultation with experts and stakeholders. According to the Global Ocean Commission, while there are no technical obstacles to the implementation of the proposals, political will is needed to effect positive change. All apparently have a role to play, not just governments or international organisations.

The Commissioners are now calling for collaboration and inviting governments, businesses and civil society to respond to the proposals and to participate in the joint mission for positive change.

More information on the proposals and links to the final report "From Decline to Recovery: A Rescue Package for the Global Ocean," can be found at: Mission Ocean (

Hopefully this global effort will also result in real benefits for coastal communities who depend directly on the essential goods and services provided by the global ocean.