Earthnotes Film Festival

earthnotes film festivalWhat is Earthnotes?

Earthnotes is an environmental documentary film festival presented by the DLIST online information sharing community. The Earthnotes programme includes both local and international documentaries, many of them award-winning, which take us on a challenging global tour. Since Earthnotes launch in 2007, the interest for the film festival has been increasing.

Why a film festival?

The Earth is changing dramatically. Every day we are reminded of declining fish stocks, polluted air, disappearing forests, rising temperatures, contaminated rivers, and mountains of waste generated every year – the list of environmental problems is endless. The world’s population growth and people’s demanding lifestyles are putting tremendous pressure on the Earth. We can choose to close our eyes and ignore this, or to recognise that we are part of both the problems and the solutions. The film festival is there for all us to open our eyes.

Through a series of striking environmental documentaries, Earthnotes brings you images that carry messages of caution about the state of the Earth, making us think and talk. Images that carry a note of hope for the Earth and that make us act.

Where and When?

Earthnotes kicked-off in 2007 in Cape Town and travelled up along the coast of South Africa and Namibia to a number of towns, where interested DLIST users organised local showings. There was a big effort made in previous years with film screenings in many places. These were done at school and as general public screenings at theatres, universities as well as in communities. The film festival has also travelled with the DLIST team through the Western Indian Ocean and along the coast of East Africa during 2010 and screened films in Hamburg, South Africa, Vilanculos in Mozambique, Kilwa and Wesha in Tanzania, Mombasa in Kenya, Mohéli in Comoros, Ambodiletra and Maroantsetra in Madagascar and in Le Morne in Mauritius. The 2013 run of the festival is about to kick off.

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