Earthnotes 2013

Earthnotes is a travelling film festival of environment and development-related films. Earthnotes is presented by the DLIST online information sharing community.

Earthnotes is travelling to Angola, Namibia and South Africa. In each town, the festival will be organized by DLIST partner organizations, under the banner of DLIST, with the support of the DLIST Team in Cape Town when required. The Earthnotes film selection is also available to any group or individual who is interested in organizing a festival in their locality.

The aim of Earthnotes is to use documentary films to raise awareness and stimulate discussion around environmental issues. A comprehensive collection of current and award-winning films is available through the DLIST web-based platform for screening locally. Some relate to water, oceans and rivers, others cover global issues such as climate variability and change and fossil fuel dependency, while others focus on issues in Africa.

You may want to:

  • Participate in an Earthnotes film festival being screened in your area;
  • Organise your own Earthnotes film festival; or
  • Contribute films to be screened through the Earthnotes film festival.

If you decide to run your own Earthnotes festival using the Earthnotes films, you could organise discussions after some of the screenings, school sessions or other activities around the documentaries and the topics they cover, depending on what is appropriate and relevant in your own town.

The exact format, target audience, and programme of each festival are up to each town to decide upon.

Earthnotes is a non-profit DLIST initiative, and it was under these conditions that we have been granted screening permission by the different film distributors.

For more information about attending an Earthnotes festival in your area, or about accessing the films to organize a screening of the collection of films, contact